About us

What is No-H2O?

No-H2O is a waterless solution to car washing. No-H2O uses no water in comparison to a drive through car wash which will waste an incredible of 132 litres of water. No-H2O is made from a scratch free formula which emulsifies the dirt particles. It has a positive charge in the product and with the negative charge from a microfibre cloth the dirt is encapsulated in the cloth removing the dirt and leaving behind a polished finish unlike any other car wash product available.

No-H2O manufactures and produce a range of waterless car and motorbike care products for sale through retail outlets. No-H2O also produces the same range of waterless car care products for sale through commercial outlets.

One of our largest customers is Hertz car rental who we have a pan European trading agreement with since 2014. No-H2O is the only product of its type to be approved for use on both Boeing and Airbus commercial aircraft.

No-H2O is certified to for:
Boeing D6-17487 Revision R
Airbus Airbus AIMS 09-00-002


Why is No-H2O unique?

No-H2O has the unique opportunity to change consumer trends which will ultimately be advantageous for our environment. We are a green tech company but a bold brand which wants to be the "Red Bull" of car care.

No-H2O's early years are not dissimilar to Red Bull's in that famous energy drink company brought a product to the market which was generally not liked because of taste, but the ingredient purpose of the drink was not taste, it was functionality.

No-H2O's path to success is in many ways similar to Red Bull's initial consumer thoughts are "how can you wash a car without water" but when consumers try it, they see the functionality and believe. No-H2O has a customer retention rate of over 90%*.

We not only save the environment on average a 132 litres of fresh water but we also save the environment from suffering the damaging effluent which normal car washes will run into the drainage. A unique selling point for us is that when a car is washed with No-H2O it lasts for twice as long as a car washed with water, because our product has ingredients which repels dirt for a longer period of time.

"less than 1% of water on earth is fresh water and suitable for human consumption"


Founder & Board

No-H2O was established 8 years ago and has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. No-H2O was founded by Emmet O'Brien who's background is in the Automotive industry. Emmet was a professional racing driver for the VW Group and BMW where he competed in the World and European Touring Car Championships. Emmet has also raced for Ferrari in the European GT3 championship.

Since founding No-H2O in 2007 he has grown the business internationally and built a solid team and board with a business acumen and experience enabling No-H2O to scale quickly.

"Ireland is a test market for No-H2O Car Care. We have managed to successfully change the mindset of our customers who have been following consumer trends for many years. We had to convince the customer that washing a car with No-H2O was not only better for the car, but also better for the environment. Consumers have been washing cars for over 100 years with water. To change this trend was always going to be challenging, but we have successfully done this."

No-H2O's board is small consisting of 5 members drawn from different industries. No-H2O has Danish, American and Irish board members all of which are also investors in the business.

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